Vital Humic™ Bac Silo


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Increase nutrient retention during silage fermentation!

Silage conditioner designed to enhance the fermentation of silage. Add to humid silage for best results.


1. Helps to accelerate fermentation in the silo.
2. Can improve protein retention in silage.
3. Controls PH & improves preservation of silage.

Recommended Rates

One 880-gram container prepares 200 tons of humid silage.

Application: Mix 880 grams with 450 litres of water and apply with sprayer.

Directions: Store in a cool, dry place. This product is not to be ingested, and a person should wash his or her hands after use.

Disclaimer: Upon receipt, buyer assumes all responsibility for storage, handling and application of product. Vital Humic accepts NO liability for condition of silage or use of product that s beyond the control of Vital Humic. 


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