Fermented + ORGANIC


Innovative formula with your bottom line in mind. Improves results while decreasing cost of other inputs - ideal for scaling up!

Grow Clean // Reduce Costs // Boost Profit



Improve access to a vast array of nutrients & beneficial organic compounds.


Increase nutrient exchange; elevating BRIX (plant sugar) levels and improving yields.


Beneficial microbes & increased plant sugars help defend against pathogens & pests.

Beneficial Microorganisms

We combine microorganisms that are known to play an important role in the plant microbiome. They can help convert organic matter in to energy and improve immunity to pathogens. We use a proprietary blend designed to maximize nutrient availability. 

Humic & Fulvic Acids

Organic compounds that form as the end result of the natural decay of plant and animal materials. These natural chelators act as both the garbage man & delivery man; tying up toxins & replacing the void with beneficial nutrients.

Norwegian Sea Kelp

Considered a biostimulant on its own merit, sea kelp is extremely nutrient-dense. It contains over 60 minerals, 17 amino acids, Vitamins A, B1, B6 (Niacin), B12, D, E, & K, carbohydrates & plant growth hormones.


Contains important minerals like calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, & more. It is a great source of natural sugars and provides a carbon food source for microorganisms.


Transforming Nature

Our formulas undergo a unique transformation process. The raw ingredients are fermented into basic elements, making them more bioavailable. A thermal reaction then ties the elements together into one dynamic molecule.

ENhance fertility

Feed your soil & it will feed you

Organic Treatment

What do we stand for?

Supporting Farmers

Farmers feed the world & we are proud to support them. We aim to sustainably cut costs & improve farm outputs.

Soil Fertility

We are losing arable land at an alarming rate, it is time to transition. We are committed to rebuilding soil life for generations to come.

Sustainable Solutions

With increasing weather volatility, we are focused on solutions that reduce crop loss & increase plant resiliency.


Vital Humic Hydro Bio utilizes the power of soil-based probiotics to optimize plant growth. Creating the perfect environmental conditions with microbial supplementation will stimulate processes vital for plant growth and immunity. Soil microorganisms are able to act as the gate-keeper, chaperoning important molecular processes.

Chad Rigby, Cultivation Consultant, Canada

In 6 weeks, the plants have grown so much I can't see through the greenhouse. We have really aggressive node growth. The plants are gaining between 8" & 12" per week, without stretching. Minimal application, low water use, & less nutrients used as well.

GREIG, Licensed Grower, Colorado

Vital Humic Hydro Bio was added to our seeding greenhouse from the beginning, and plants were rooted and ready in 18-21 days verse 28 days or greater without it. It has replaced 3 products in my operation by combining what I was looking for; microbials, molasses and humic acid. Its easy to mix and brew in any application and applies without any residuals left behind. I will be continuing to use this product in all our cannabis farms going forward. 

Kevin Stephens, Oasis Botanicals Hemp Farm

Your product IS the best. Not only impressed, I'm blown away. 3 days after application the difference was CLEAR. 

MT. Olympus Hemp Farm, Virginia Hemp Farm

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