About Us

Vital Humic™ was born out of innovation and a love for the environment. Our purpose is to enhance quality of life and contribute to a brighter future. We work in the small, understanding that the health of micro life dictates the health of macro life. In the face of unprecedented environmental changes, we are dedicated to helping life adapt and thrive.


Fermentation Process


Human Pollution

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We are a group of passionate professionals that love what we do. We are happy to meet with you to discuss your operations & how Vital Humic™ can help. Our products create value for clients, reducing costs yet increasing quality of outputs. Get in touch to learn more about our one-of-a-kind product line.


Natural Health

We are dedicated to creating products from natural compounds that are effective & provide real alternatives.

Supporting Farmers

Farmers feed the world & we are proud to support them. We aim to sustainably cut costs & improve farm outputs.

Soil Fertility

We are losing arable land at an alarming rate, it is time to transition. We are committed to rebuilding soil life for generations to come.